THINSLINE BLUVELLE is one of the main products of Nutriline Wellness. It is a healthy supplementary product but not a meal replacement food help for slimming by natural plants, safe and free of side effects, no rebound and no diarrhea.

BLUVELLE INFORMATION:This formula main ingredient is made from Brazil Amazon fruit "Acai Berry" which have been used for hundred of years to promote beauty and weight loss. It works right away to help suppress your appetite and melt away your excess body fat.

BLUVELLE supplement is a combination of weight loss and detoxification program to suits individual needs. It is formulated with a blend of all-natural ingredients to eliminate fats and toxins from the body while providing nutrients support for healthy digestive and liver function. It has been approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and can be consumed safely.

Only one sachet a day and in 30 days you can see an amazing difference! THINSLINE 
BLUVELLE is an effective, fast and simple way to lose weight. Works great for both men and women!
Built up muscle tone
Lower blood pressure
Reduce obesity & cholesterol
Control appetite and protect gastric
Support the immune system
Antioxidant & fight inflammatory
Aid in weight loss and burning of fats
Increase energy & stamina, help people function at high states of mental and physical energy
Increase libido & improve digestion
Helps to stabilize their blood sugar levels
MAIN INGREDIENTS:Semen Coisis, Soy Protein, Acai Berry, Spirulina, Vanila Powder, Garcenia, Rhizoma Alismatics.

CONSUMPTION METHOD: 1 sachet per day before breakfast

PACKAGE CONTENT: 30 sachets per box (15g per sachet)

What is the Acai Berry?The acai berry (pronounced "ah-sigh-ee") is a small grape-sized berry that grows in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. Natives of the region have harvested this berry as part of their diet for hundreds of years.

The acai berry is a small berry about the size of a grape. It has been considered by many to be the superfood in the world due its extremely high concentration of antioxidants, healthy omega fats and fibers.

Acai berry is packed with an amazing amount of free-radical fighting antioxidants and is considered to have the best overall nutritional value of any fruit on earth.

How Acai Berry can make you slim?
Acai berries are fast proving to be one of nature's best remedy for reducing weight the natural way. Acai berries are full of nutritious vitamins and minerals that help feed the body correctly. Giving your body the correct nutrition it needs will help increase metabolism and naturally remove unwanted fat from your body.

Acai berry can be an excellent weight loss aid. Its natural combination of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acids, phytosterols, and amino acids work together to help your body function better, process food easier, and burn fat more efficiently.

Let's break down how the Acai berry helps people reach their perfect weight.

In simple terms, the acai berry can help:
Support the immune system
Aid in weight loss
Improve digestion
Reduce pain and soreness
Promote healthy sleep
Increase energy & stamina
Increase libido
Fight cancer & disease
Lower blood pressure
Fight aging & inflammation
Protect against heart disease

What is the Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia, also known as Garcinia Cambogia, contains a biologically active compound which is known to inhibit the synthesis of lipids and fatty acids and lower the formation of LDL and triglycerides.

Garcinia also contains significant amounts of Vitamin C and has been used as a heart tonic. Research suggests that this natural extract may also inhibit the conversion of excess calories to body fat. Additionally, appetite is also suppressed by promoting synthesis of glycogen. Glycogen is the stored form of glucose, one of the body's primary sources of energy. Increased glycogen production and storage is the body's normal way of signaling the brain's satiety centre that enough food has been eaten.

How Garcinia cambogia can make you slim?
Garcinia cambogia is a tropical plant that contain of hyroxycitric acid (HCA), which is added to weight-loss supplements in nature's diet ingredient. Citric acid is a key player in the process that turns the food we eat into the calories our bodies' burn or store as fat. HCA is a modified form of citric acid that inhibits the enzyme that normally helps convert citric acid to fat.

The mechanism for garcinia's weight loss ability is still being understood; but is believed to be through inhibiting the body's ability to convert carbohydrates to fats. This leads to an increase in glycogen in the liver, which sends a message to the brain indicating satiety, and in turn reduces appetite.

What is the Semen Coicis?

The herb is sweet and tasteless in flavour, slightly cold in nature. It acts on spleen, stomach and lung channels.

Tasteless for removing dampness, sweet for tonifying spleen, slight coldness for eliminating heat, and neutral, not oily and not drastic, coix seed as a herb for eliminating heat and dampness is indicated for edema, diarrhea, damp arthralgia and pulmonary abscess.

What is the Soy Protein?

Soy protein has been used since 1959 as ingredients for its functional properties in a variety of foods such as salad dressings, soups, vegetarian foods and meat imitations.

Its functional properties are emulsification and texturizing. Recently the popularity of soy protein is increasing, mainly because of its health benefits. It has been proven that soy protein can help to prevent heart problems and many countries allow health claims for food, which are rich in soy protein.

Based on assertions that only soy protein that has been processed in a manner in which isoflavones are retained will result in cholesterol lowering.

What is the Spirulina?

Spirulina platensis, a blue-green alga (photosynthesizing cyanobacterium) has diverse biological activity.

Due to high content of highly valuable proteins, amino acids, vitamins, beta-carotene and other pigments, mineral substances, fatty acids and polysaccharides, spirulina has been found suitable for use as a bioactive additive.